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Blacklake SA. is a dynamic privately owned Swiss company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and highly specialized in global physical trade of primary non-ferrous products and metal scraps. Along with four main offices in Barcelona (Spain), Sao Paulo & Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and Toronto (Canada), we make our collective knowledge, experience, and global network at hand to our clients all over the world.
Blacklake has developed itself into a successful and resourceful commodity trading house with both a global presence and a particular interest in the industries of aluminum, copper, bronze and brass.
Deploying cutting-edge infrastructure, industry-leading expertise, and a global network that has required years to craft, we serve our customers through a diversified system of logistics to deliver added-value metal commodities on the dot by ships, rails and trucks allowing us to cultivate our unique approach to taking on complex business challenges and reinforce our commitment to delivering best results by providing reliable trustworthy service, to our network of hundreds of partners and clients spanning the globe.
Blacklake SA is an active member of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). We steadily adhere to the applicable laws as well as to the international standards and guidelines for scrap recycling and metals trading.

Bruno Ferrera


20 years experience


Blacklake's Commitment

Our vision is to be the preferred company that our customers and suppliers look upon as “The Best Non-ferrous Recycling and Trading Provider in the Industry”.


Partner Markets

To extend our reach beyond the business we own, we have strategic partnership agreements with many local operators in over 50 countries, for the benefit of our customers.



To diversify our business activities, in addition to physical metal trading, we purvey high-quality machinery and equipment to the metal and mining industries in over 30 countries.

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Bruno Ferrera


20 years experience

Augusto C. do Amaral

Business Consultant

13 years experience

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16 years experience


Aluminium Specialist

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We are proud of the exceptional reputation we have earned through our trade partnerships. Providing reliable, trustworthy service, Blacklake has built out a network of partners and clients spanning the globe. Currently, we supply machinery and equipment to the metal and mining industries in over 30 countries. Our success has hinged on our long-term vision and our ability to leverage our world-class expertise.

In contrast to other materials like plastic, metals may be continuously recycled and reutilized. Non-ferrous metals’ attributes, such as malleability, resistance to rust and corrosion, chemical consistency, and light weight, enable industries to reduce the need for producing new raw materials and therefore reducing energy, and preserving the environment.
After being separated, sorted, processed, melted, and formed – typically into bars or ingots – the material is then ready to be used for its intended purpose once more.

They are used in the manufacture of many items that we are accustomed to seeing or using in our everyday life, like in buildings (copper tubes and wires), food industry (aluminum can), means of transportation (aluminum tubes, rails constructions), household appliances (stainless steel of fridges, brass faucet), etc.

The price of scrap metal varies daily and the best way to find out is giving us a call or message us. Please feel free to contact us!

Each type of material has its specific destination and we will be glad to offering you the best shipping points.

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You can trust us for a fair market value and accurate weights for your scrap from our team of experienced personnel. Any thing related to Non-ferrous Metals… we’ve got you covered!